who is Evan Luthra ? - CEO & Founder - EL Group International

A young billionaire who was ahead of his time and is now investing in brilliant minds like him. When everyone was busy playing and dreaming about they would want to be in the future, Evan luthra was busy building himself and his curiousness for technology made him build an app at the age of 12. Before turning 15 he started building apps that were used by many big companies. Evan luthra is a young millionaire who is changing the way the world sees technology.  

By the age of 18, he was speaking for TedX. Evan luthra spoke at the United Nations, TEDx, Crypto Investor Show, Blockshow and more. He is an angel investor and also features in the 30 under 30 entrepreneurs list. Evan Luthra is now working on his entrepreneur venture of investing in ideas that are innovative, profitable and futuristic.

Evan Conceptualizes, Innovates and then works on Executing world-changing ideas. Evan luthra is COO and co-founder of El Group international or many big tech projects. Evan started his journey from building products and now is building brands. His venture StartupStudio.online allows him to discover talents and futuristic ideas that he can support and take further.

Evan luthra is also influencing the world through his social media handles. With over 500,000 followers he is always sharing bits of his life and words of wisdom to let the world know that Evan Luthra is there to listen to your extraordinary ideas.

Evan luthra is involved in the Blockchain industry working with and investing in leading companies such as Hygh.tech, CoinPublish.com, Locktrip.com, Hashgraph.com and has been considered as a Blockchain expert and pioneer by the worlds leading organizations and publications. Evan luthra has also received a honorary Ph.D in Blockchain for the impact he has made in the industry. Evan Luthra is advisor in many blockchain based project like relictum pro, Gl brain , crescent and many other, 
 Evan luthra is a featured speaker at different universities and conferences around the globe; he speaks about Mobile Apps, Entrepreneurship and trending tech topics, to huge audiences and has spoken for Tedx, United Nations, Google, Nielsen and has done guest lectures at Delhi University, Washington State University, San Francisco State University and more.


  1. Evan and I met back in 2016 and we began to build our great relationship. Later in 2019 I approached Evan and at that time my co-founder (Paul Rosa IV) and I brought Evan onto the GameForm team as an investor and technical partner. Evan and his team at Startup Studio have exceeded all expectations and have enabled our team to bring GameForm to market in under 10 months. In addition, Evan has provided many excellent introductions that have led to additional investors and advisors. Evan is by far one of the most knowledgable, results driven and strategic thinkers that I have had the pleasure to work with. His competitive nature and his ability to listen first, quickly process information and then provide potential solutions is something that has particularly impressed me. I look forward to building an even stronger relationship and having Evan in our corner as we build GameForm into a company that serves over 100 million players worldwide each year.

  2. Evan is passionate, connected and intelligent individual that undertakes his business, whether directly or via one of his companies, with immense professionalism and intent. Evan agreed to meet me in London at literally 3 hours notice to discuss my company proposal and as serial angel investor he agreed to discuss more and eventually invested resources into the project. Evan somehow manages to communicate in multiple languages and within short periods of reply, even though he runs multiple companies, has many friends, proposers and investors consistently requesting his time. From his experience, Evan always has a strategy, connection or mitigation plan to hand when required.

  3. Evan has a great talented eye for investments and technology. He isn´t afraid of stepping outside of the box leading him to more interesting deals than what most investors are able to attract. With strong marketing skills and and ability to work faster than most people Evan has a unique competitive advantage!


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